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Carpet FAQ

Q. I bought a carpet less than a year ago and it is already as flat as a pancake. Can anything be done to restore the pile?


A. The quality of many carpets is adjusted to reflect a low price as opposed to being made up to a standard. While professional cleaning will for a short time restore the pile, it is just a symptom of cheaper carpet that usually involves early replacement.



Q. Although I am generally happy with the carpet I bought it seems a bit hard in the main areas.


A. Just replace the current underlay with a better quality one, or even a different type. This will depend on your own financial circumstances. Carpet fitters and those in the trade usually use a different type of underlay from that available in most shops.



Q. My carpet seems to mark extremely easily. When a stain occurs and I try to clean it, it tends to spread and just becomes worse.


A. This is a very common problem and usually associated with certain types of pile. As a carpet cleaner for many years I can assure you that most carpets can be successfully cleaned and treated against this problem recurring.



Q. My mother had a beautiful carpet that lasted her for over forty years. Why don’t they make them like that anymore?


A. They do.



Q. My daughter has spilled red wine on a brand new white wool carpet. I have phoned several carpet cleaning firms and they all say that it would be almost impossible to remove.


A. Although highly specialised, it is possible to use a certain type of bleaching agent to remove such stains from white and off-white carpet. Better give us a call.



Q. Why do some shops have different names for the same carpets and flooring available in others?


A. To stop you from shopping around for a competitive quote.



Q. After having my carpet professionally cleaned the carpet seems to have spread. Does it need to be re-stretched at this point?


A. It is common for carpets to need occasional re-stretching. However there is a chance that some delamination of the carpet backing has occurred. As with most consumer products, cheaper downgraded versions are available and carpet and hard floors are no exception.



Q. I notice that your better quality prices are much cheaper than the shops I have looked in. Does this mean they are inferior?


A. As we work from industrial premises our costs are considerably lower than many high street stores. We have a standard mark-up on all carpets and do not use a percentage add on for our margins. This means that we can usually offer the same carpet as our competitors, but at a lower price and can’t be accused of persuading you to upgrade to give us a bigger profit!

Stain Removing
Spots and stains can be a major eyesore and not particularly easy to deal with. We can provide you with stain removal charts and products that actually work.
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